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My husband and I met at a Superbowl party so we hold one every year and i wanted to make some signage for our party. What better than some D-FENCE!

I used my Silhouette Machine to create the design. but here's a way you can create it with out a Silhouette! :)
Trace a pendant banner or find one that you like, I couldn't decide between what I wanted but here is a pendant for you to use! :)

Then you would want to choose coordinating colors or just do them the color of your favorite team, I chose Green and Yellow for the Green Bay Packers! :) That way we can use them the entire football season. 

I used my bakers twine from This ETSY store! :)  Click the ETSY link or click the image below! :) 

I had blue so its what i used. So with the pendant i posted above you could glue it on the twine or you could cut off the tab and use a hole punch . In my silhouette program I traced a fence and did a single Letter D . You could just do it on a single color or do many colors its up to you. Create and make it your own. you can use an exact-o knife to cut out the design of the fence.

Need a hand, Try this..

Then i just used a school glue stick and glued them together to make a SUPER fun and awesome banner! Ready to use EACH year! :)

The Big Game

The big game is almost here! Who is looking for some decor for your game! :) Check back tonight for quick tutorial of how to make a way cute Banner! :)


How many of us lack organizational skills?! ( raises my hand)

I mostly wear stud earrings and lets face it I believe i only own 3 studs... I don't have a lot of storage space for my jewelry in my bathroom. so i have a box on my dresser where i keep my jewelry..

Who would want to wear jewelry while digging through and looking for something to wear??

I was watching a show on TV where they offered GREAT advice on storing stud earrings... you ready to have your mind blown?! USE a BUTTON to match up and pair your earrings! :) That way they're together and where you could find them. OF course I could only find one button so all of my other stud/earrings would be floating around so i took some of these CARDS  (click for link) And poked holes for my other earrings to sit in. Now my jewelry box is clean and organized! :)

As soon as i get more buttons i'm sure to fix the studs but until then, Check out these cool tags to help store the jewelry! :)


Chirp, chirp.... I think this blog is starting to get crickets, this poor blog, so alone, so lonely... hopefully this will change soon, I can't guarantee there will be awesome posts, or that we will even continue to post, but I can sure try to post! What have you been up to lately in the craft world?? I'll shown you my craftings!!
Woooo hoo, now, I hope I can find some time this season to play and craft so  much more!!

Felt Heart Wreath

People have been asking so here you go!! (When I helped a friend do hers she used an Ikea cup but I don't know how many circles she got.)

I got this idea for this felt heart wreath HERE I was SOOO excited and in love that I had to do it. It took me a little while to track down the styrofoam heart, but after calling Joann's RIGHT after they opened I was able to snag two! YAH!!

So today while the kids were playing I started the long process of making a wonderful valentines decoration.

You will need:
heart shaped wreath
1 yd of felt. (she said 3/4th) but that would not have been enough for me.
and a cup. mine measured a little bigger then 3 in, but not my much. I was able to get 181 circles and used all by 9.
straight pens

Lay out your felt and start tracing and cutting.

This took FOREVER!!! Good thing Dillan was sleeping through about half of it.

Now I did not take any pictures of how you put the felt on, but you pretty much fold them in half, and then fold again.

Stick the pin through the point (Not down in the felt, but the outside) and then pin in the heart.

its hard to see the pen, but its there. you will then kinda tuck the pin down into the heart. Once you start doing it, it will all come together.

I started at the top, but had a really hard time making the arch how I wanted so I took it out, and after not liking it, I started at the bottom. That was a much better idea.

I put painters tape on my fingers because it was really hard to push the pins through the heart. And I got tired of sticking my pointer finger.

Here is my finished project. I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!

You then pin ribbon to the back and hang it where you please. I wanted it outside, but it looks to pretty to be put outside.

I brought it back in the house and hung it in my living room. I love looking at it!

Its a good thing I have two hearts because I love them so much!! I'm so going to make another!!!

Helpful Hint Wednesday

My least favorite activity is taking out the trash. My least favorite activity after that is putting a bag in the can. So my helpful hint Wednesday is to put a few extra bags in the bottom of the can! so when you take out the bag, you've got one in the bottom ready to go. In the words of my husband, See, that wasn't so hard was it??

Helpful Hint Wednesday

I thought it would be fun to have helpful hint Wednesday. I figured I could share something that has helped me over the past week. My husband in our ward has just been called to the 11 yr old Scouts and i've been moving and adding new patches to his Scout Shirt. I didn't grow up with brothers or have to do any patches sewing but tonight i got frustrated really fast. The shirt kept getting in the way the thread kept being silly and i almost gave up and told Hubby to sew them himself. So I had a thought and....

My Helpful Hint for Wednesday is... Use a Embroidery Hoop! I'm having to hand sew these Knot patches onto the front of his shirt and its helped a BUNCH to have the front of the shirt solid!! :) So i hope you enjoy my helpful hint!! :)

ps sorry for cell phone picture... its the best i can do at 11:00pm! :) the other two knots are not sewn on yet too!!


If you haven't seen already what a silhouette can do from all of Mattie's work, you should check out what else it can do!! It can cut paper! Last year she had sent me an envelope with a few vinyl pumpkins and LOTS of leaves. I didn't just want to put them on the table for my then 2yr old to destroy them. I knew i wanted to use them this year so i pulled out my sewing machine and stitched them into a random order and stapled it to my wall. Sam my now 3yr old keeps pointing at it saying "A Tree" . I wish i had a machine like this to do awesome cut outs! Silhouettes can do awesome stuff!! I'm just glad she shares with me!

Sewing Tips

For weeks my church skirt that I got from DI, our local thrift store, a few years ago didn't have a button to keep it secure around my growing belly. So I've been using some tape, to tape it shut, I've been looking for the button for the past few days but I haven't been able to find the original button that came with the skirt. Digging through my sewing box I found one that would do the trick and would hold my skirt from falling off. I didn't want to hand sew and I remembered somewhere that you could do it by using a machine, so with out finding the tutorial, I went ahead and tried sewing the button using my knowledge of my paper weight (sewing machine). It worked and I went online in search of the tutorial. I couldn't find it so I started to upload the pictures to give it one last try before I started to write the tutorial, so i decided to find the tutorial, and look at this! :) I did!!!  And if you like things simple, or the easy way, and don't want to hand sew then this is for you. 
Click BELOW to find the tutorial!

Thanks for Following, Even with the breaks between posts.

Yarn Wreaths

I was messing around on Pintrest and I saw a really cute yarn wreath on there. (If you don't know what pintrest is its a bookmarking place where you can bookmark all the things you like. Its a great way of getting ideas. If you want an invite, let me know. Its also fun to see the other things people are interested in.)

After searching for yarn wreaths I knew I had to make one. You can find the original how to HERE, but here is my short version on how I did it. *I'm so wishing I would have taken the time to take better pictures because of how good the wreath did turn out.* Oh well!!

Ok so lets start with the flowers:
Cut a circle out of felt, any size you want. Once you cut it out you then cut around the circle to make a waved look (#2). I just eyeballed everything, which is nice because it makes each flower different.

Once you make it waved, you then pick a start place and just cut all around the circle till all you have left is a circle or an oval. You can see how I'm just following the circle around and the strips that are left over on the right.

Once you do that, you will then take the felt where you started to cut the circle and then wrap it around its self. You want all your waves to be at the top, and try to keep the bottom even.

Once your all done you will end up with a flower looking like this. Like I said, each flower is different, and how you do the waves is how the flower will look.

I'll go over this later, but that bottom circle or oval part, you will just hot glue it to the bottom of the flower and it will make it stay all together.

The wreath:
DON'T take the plastic off of the wreath. Its easier to do it with the plastic on.

Take your yarn and make it into a ball. I read somewhere that it makes it easier, and it totally did. I just wrapped it around one of the kids balls.

I started mine with picking a side will be the back, and then taping the start of the yarn to the back of the wreath. Then you turn on your favorite show and then wrap away. Most of the time I held it between my legs like this.

Now some tricks:
-Just focus on the front of the wreath. I found that I was able to keep my yarn pretty straight and nice looking on the front, but when I had to jump over and get a spot I missed I would do it on the back so that it kept the front looking nice. (Kinda hard to understand, but once you start it you will see. )
-Some times you will have to double wrap it to get it covered good. Like I said just focus on the front and top and it wont matter how the back looks.
-Once I got to the start again, I overlap the start a little, then took the extra yarn and tied it to the back of the wreath.

This picture is just showing you how I hot glued the flower down on to its self. (Kinda hard to see with out clicking on it.)

Now I had hoped to used safety pins to make the flowers stick to the wreath, but the safety pins did not work. So I used the rough side of Velcro. I hot glued the Velcro to my flower and then once it dried I placed it on my wreath. The Velcro stays really well.

You can hot glue the flowers to the wreath, but I really wanted to be able to interchange the flowers so that's why I did it this way. So not only do I have a when ever wreath, I can have a 4th of July one, a Christmas one, Valentines day one, pretty much any kind of one that will look good with the red background.

And here it is all done. I LOVE IT!!!

The close up!

I cant wait to try more color combos. Let me know if something does not make since, or you need some help with anything.

Have fun!!!

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Freezer paper

I wanted to make sure I had all my freezer paper shirts in one place. I love freezer paper stenciling!! Its a cheap way to make a cute shirt.

I found out how to do it on I am Mama, Hear me Roar's blog. Her video explains everything so its kinda pointless to re do it. (Why make more work for me?)

So here are some of the things I have done with freezer paper.

These were some of the first ones I did. I bought cheap under shirts from Target. They make great play shirts.

Some baby shirts for a friend. (Got the blank shirts from Walmart.)

My kid's Peep shirts

I did this for me, from a plan shirt from Kohls.

Those are just a few of the shirts I have done.

Oh and here is something that's the same idea, but I used vinyl

The cute Teacher Bags.

I love the plan shirts you get from Walmart. They come with a pocket, but its easy to take off. They work really well.

I'm still working on finding the perfect brush to use, but I find that if you blot, it works a lot better.

Freezer paper is really cool and easy to work with! I love it!